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CodeHub allows you to launch Catrobat apps and community resources all in one place. That's not all.
CodeHub also comes with 3rd party apps and built in tools. With building your pocket code programs things like image editors, a simple calculator for math or notes so you can remind yourself of whatever.
Thats not all but CodeHub will have its own built in 1v1 messaging and online community so you can chat, collaborate and help others in need.
Programming takes time and patience. So never give up.

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Our Apps

The nonprofit Catrobat project aims at developing solutions which inspire teenagers and kids to learn coding, get creative and be prepared for the digital future of our world. Simple logical processes, creative solutions and easily understandable connections are essential in the world of tomorrow. Our vision is to provide young people with the chance to include these principles in their everyday digital-life. We believe that free, age-based and motivating software, which can be used directly by teenagers, or in education, is essential in order to prepare the next generation for their future.
The visual “Lego-Style” programming framework, which is used in our projects, enables everyone to design their very own apps, without any limitations such as there are in a common programming language. With the right tools, creating apps, games and animations can be as simple as anything! It can be done by anyone, anytime and everywhere. Free tools enable teenagers to take the leap from being a passive user to become a creative developer. With apps like Pocket Code, users get the chance to use their mobile devices in a meaningful and, most importantly, fun way, without the need of being a professional developer.

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Pocket Code for iOS: unsupported features

Here we explain which bricks and other features are not yet supported in Pocket Code for iOS, and how users can remix downloaded projects that contain such bricks and other features to make them work nevertheless.

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Media Resources


Pocket Code in the Classroom

See what teachers and students say about using Pocket Code in class.

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Code'n'Stitch Project

The learning and programming apps Pocket Code, Create@School, and Luna & Cat offer many possibilities to express yourself creatively and to integrate your own apps, games, music videos, or animations with different building blocks, extensions, and characters. The tools have already been used in art classes, physics, or computer science in various projects.


By extending the Pocket Code, Create@School, and Luna & Cat apps with the possibility to program an embroidery machine, they can be used very well for handicraft lessons and combine textile works with concepts of programming. In this way, self-created patterns and designs can be stitched on t-shirts, pants, or even bags. 

With a focus on gender-sensitive teaching and design, it is important to inspire girls, in particular, to try out different approaches to programming.

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No One Left Behind

The ‘No One Left Behind’ project, co-funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, allows children to use a non-leisure gaming ‘toolkit’ to develop digital games on mobile devices – with the aim of enhancing their abilities across all academic subjects, as well as their logical reasoning, creativity and social skills.

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