With the formula editor you have a very powerful calculator in front of you. It helps to express your thoughts in a way the computer can deal with.

Formula Editor Android : iOS.png


With the 'Compute' button you can compute the given calculation and the result is shown.


With the 'Object' button you have access to different motion properties like 'position x', 'size', 'color' or 'transparency'.


With the 'Functions' button you can insert maths functions like 'round', 'pi' or the 'arctan(-1,0)' and much much more.

There are also 'Text' functions like 'length(hello world)' or 'List' functions like 'number of items(*list name*)'.


Here you can find all logical (boolean) operators which you will need.


With the 'Sensors' button you can insert different device sensors, touch and face detection and date and time.

Check this page for more details.


In this section you can see all your Variables and add some new.

(In iOS it is called 'Var/List'.)