Find out how to improve your game design skills!

Character Animation

Welcome to Wonderland: Animate your figures and create a "when tapped" event

Learn how you can bring your characters with simple animations to life and get to know how your character can make a action if tapped. The video shows you how your caracter can be animated with different looks. Furthermore the video shows you how the "when tapped" event works and how you can send broadcast messages to other objects.

Collision Detection

Save Alice! Use the tilt sensor and recognize a collision between objects

In this video you learn how you can control your character with the tilt sensor of your phone and how you can dropp objects from heaven. You can control Alice´s moves by tilting your phone left or right.

Moving Background Horizontally

The Hatter - Hit and Run: Create a moving landscape and control the movements of the hatter

In this tutorial you learn how you can create an moving landscape. In the video you will see how you can move objecte along the screen to simulate a movement. Furthermore we show you how you can move the Hatter by tilting your phone.

Shooter Game

The Hatter - Hit and Run: Let the Hatter shoot the evil cards

In this tutorial we show you how you can create enemy´s that are moving to your character. Furthermore you learn how you let the Hatter shoot on his enemy´s and if you have hit them or not.

Score Display

Tap the cat: Create a score by using variables

In this tutorial we show you how you make use of variables to create a score. Scores are essential elements of many games. This socre shows you how often you have tapped the cat.

Moving Background Vertically

Rabbit race: Create a vertically scrolling background

This tutorial shows you how you can make vertically scrolling backgrounds by let the background graphics glide in a certain way. Furthermore we show you how you can make your characters jump and to make it a little bit harder you learn how you can reduce the speed of your character.