How-To Tutorials

Here are several interesting Tutorials that will show you how certain functions are done.

Tutorial Cards

We have prepared different materials you can use for developing your own games, stories or animations.
Check out this document to get all the help to develop the features shown in the videos.


How do I place my object on the stage?

How do I animate my object?

How do I add a sound?

How do I add speech and think bubbles?

How can I use tilt sensors to control an object?

How can I get a score in my game?

How can I prevent my object from leaving the screen?

How can I use buttons to control my object?

How can I add a timer to my game?

How does the face recognition work?

How do I control an object by using gravitation?

How do I program a collision between 2 objects?

How do I draw lines and use the stamp tool?

How can I ask a question?

How do I create a game where I have to avoid obstacles?

How do I let objects bounce - creating a pinball game?

How do I create a new scene?

How do I merge 2 games?

How do I upload a program?