IMPORTANT NOTE concerning the "Send web request", "Get image from", "Open __ in browser" etc bricks: Catrobat cannot be held responsible or liable for any misuse or problems that arise out of your use of these bricks (see WARNING notices below for details). Please refer to Catrobat's Terms of Use and Service for the precise legal disclaimers and details, to which you agreed when you accepted them by clicking OK when you first used one of Catrobat's apps.

Please report any abuse or other problems related to these bricks immediately to as well as, depending on the circumstances, to legal authorities, the police, your bank, and/or the web service that was used in the brick. If required and warranted, Catrobat will cooperate with legal entities to determine and bring to justice the authors of any illegal and harmful activities connected to the use of Catrobat's software and services.

WARNING - using these bricks can be dangerous, in some cases even deadly:
  • Certain web addresses can disclose your real, geographical location to others on the internet, and not only other Catrobat users, if you are not careful. We provide a list of trusted domains we believe are not dangerous, but in case an address outside of this list is used in one of these bricks, the user needs to manually agree to allow connecting to it. Note that others could get your precise geographical address: depending on the way it is done, this could be only the general area, or your real street address, and, as geolocation sensors are constantly improved, even your current physical place on Earth with a precision of up to a few centimeters -- modern phones do not only use GPS but also other satellite systems. The Chinese satellite system, which is built-in into many modern smartphones, already reportedly has a precision up to 2 centimeters! Note that simply accessing a web service can disclose your IP address and possibly more information, e.g., your device's MAC address, to the web service, and this IP address alone in many cases can be tracked to your real address and your real name. Others with knowledge of your exact location could start stalking you in real life, or disclose your real address on the internet, or even do a swatting attack on you. Note that criminals or even governments can blackmail or force the owner of the web service or your internet service provider to disclose such information as your IP address to them, or the web service could be hacked and your address or other private information thereby be compromised (note that this is always a general risk and concern on the internet). Thus, be very very careful to use these bricks (also the "Get image from" and "Open __ in browser" bricks!), especially with web addresses you are not sure about. In such a case, better say no.
  • Some Catrobat projects created by users may ask you for account names and passwords. Be very careful what account information you enter in input fields in these projects, as they may be used for phishing attacks. Even Web bricks using web addresses on our list of permitted web domains may be used for such attacks on your accounts. Make sure to never disclose passwords you use in other projects or for other websites in projects you haven't created yourself. Always choose secure passwords, and change your passwords in case you suspect that a password has been compromised. Use two factor authentication as much as possible. Catrobat users have already been targeted in phishing attacks via our apps and services, and our users have unfortunately disclosed their account information, including their Google account users names and passwords, to malicious attackers.
  • Never disclose any information about your, your friends', family members', or other people's credit cards, bank accounts, telephone numbers, birthdays, addresses, real names, or any similar private information in projects created by other users, and do not upload any projects that contain such information, as it may lead to grave problems such as, for example, identify theft or financial losses to you or them, which may make you liable to law enforcement. 
  • In case you acquired an API key to use a specific web service, e.g., from Google to access Google maps, and for which you may have had to enter your credit card information, entered your real name and/or address, or paid money online, but even if it was free, and then upload your project without removing this API key from your project, other users will be able to use or even sell to others your key, and your account may be charged according to the usage, or banned in case it is used by others in a way that violates the terms of use and service of the company or organization that is offering the web service. This can become very costly to you, or even entail legal charges for you as a person. Therefore, never ever, I repeat, NEVER, upload projects containing your API keys! Note that this is also true for web services on our list of trusted domains, since many of them require a valid API key to access them. Even if you enter your API key during runtime, the project could upload your key to a third party website without your knowledge, and without any warning, so be very very careful when entering API keys in projects you haven't completely created yourself. 
  • These bricks can be used to conduct a distributed denial of service attack, especially when they are used on trusted domains in highly popular projects. You may become responsible, depending on the law relevant in your country, either if you yourself created such illegal attacks, or, in certain cases, even when you participated in the attack by unknowingly executing a project involved in the attack. While the latter seems unreasonable, your country's law may disagree. 
  • Accessing certain content on the web, or publishing it using Catrobat's software or services, may be illegal in your country or location, e.g., among others, for security reasons, copyright reasons, reasons related to certain faiths, reasons related to libel, lèse-majesté, the protection of minors, privacy, safety, espionnage, or other reasons. Please be aware that you as the user may be made responsible for illegal activities related to your local legislation, independently of Catrobat.