Here you can get information about the Code'n'Stitch project.

What is Code'n'Stitch?

The project

To make Pocket Code more interesting and attractive for young people between 13 and 18 years, we have extended the app with the possibility to program embroidery machines. In this way, self-created patterns and designs can be embroidered on T-shirts, trousers or even bags.



How do I start Zoom sessions?

We use the tool "Zoom" to bring your screen and your voice directly to your trainers via the internet. They will whisper tips and help directly into your ear. Pretty cool, right?


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Now how do I get my design embroidered?

With the help of the company Apflbutzn your self-created designs are now embroidered on your garment. You have to send them your program.


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Tutorials & tips

You want to learn more about the world of embroidery coding? No problem, we have collected a lot of tutorials and information.


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Information for teachers

Code'n'Stitch is a project intended for realization in schools.


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Project objectives


September 2018 - August 2020

On the one hand, our project shows young women new ways to use technology in a fun and sustainable way. Again, young men are inspired by this digital design process to participate in textile handicraft lessons.

Embroidery and programming courses are offered at the schools. Special emphasis is placed on a gender-neutral concept to take into account the different requirements, needs and interests of our target group.

In the last units, we will bring the embroidery machine. So the teenagers can see how their programmed patterns are embroidered directly on t-shirts and bags.

The results of the project will be:

  • A new version of the Pocket Code app that includes the stitch extension.
  • A gender-balanced framework for stitch/programming courses.
  • Insights into the practical implementation of a business model.

Project partners

Graz University of Technology – Institute of Software Technology

Vesna Krnjic:


bits4kids - Programming and robotics workshops




Partner schools

Praxis NMS Hasnerplatz

BG/BRG/BORG Kapfenberg

Akademische Gymnasium Graz

This work was partly financed by talents: FEMtech Research projects 2017; Code’n’Stitch, eCall/FFG-Nr. 14975187 / 866755