MEDIUM  In this Tutorial you learn how to fill an object automatically.

here you get to the download page of the example programm>>


1.  First, create a new Object. This is the object you want to fill. You must name the object "filledObject".

You can draw it, or choose one of the media library.

Mark, that you can only fill simple forms. If your design is too complicated it won't work.

2. Now start and insert bricks to your script.

First set the transparency to 50%.


Than set the size of your object using this brick.


Last but not least place the object at the right position.


Hint: After shortly taping onto the brick you can place your object visually.


3. Create a new embroidery object. 

Have a look on how to create an embroidery object here.

Everywhere you see the text "touches actor or object..." you have to add a property.

Therefor go to the formula editor and follow these steps:


touches actor or object.png

choose right object.png

Now there should be the same text as in the right pictures.


If there is a "not" before the property, you have to add that too. You can find it in the formula editor under logic.


4. Now start and insert this bricks to your script.




You have to place this position visually at the left side of your object, which you want to fill. The needle is going to move to the right till it touches your object.



5. Check the bricks, if it still doesn’t work.

Heres a cute example to see whats possible: