PRO  In this tutorial you learn how to code a rainbow!

(32.1 x 62.2 mm)

Here you can download the description in PDF-format!

Regenbogen Example

That's how the rainbow embroidery looks like:


1. At first, create 6 new Embroidery-Objects.
Have a look on how to create an embroidery object here.

Every object has one color of the rainbow. That's how your project should look like:

Regenbogen Schritt 1


You must name each broadcast with the right color, therefore for always "bow <color>", in which you replace the <color> with the right color's name.

Get the "sew up" tutorial. You can find it here.

Make sure you name the broadcast right too, therefore "sew up <color>, so that the object will be sewn up with the right thread.

!Attention! Make sure, that you also must rename the broadcast in the "sew up" tutorial.




2. Now you have to add this brickt to every object! There you can see the "green" object as an example.

Regenbogen Schritt 2


3. Add those bricks into the script of the background.

Regenbogen Schritt 3


4. Check the bricks, if it still doesn’t work.

Congratulations for finishing this tutorial! Once you have completed this tutorial please go to to get your certificate.