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NOTE: The activity is currently limited to Android phones, but we are working on an iPhone version, furthermore you need an embroidery machine.

Programming and stitching

Have you ever wanted to be creative and learn to program in a playful way? Do you also like to create things that you can touch and admire in reality when they're ready-made?

With Embroidery Designer, a programming app for smartphones, you have got the perfect package. With the app you can, without any prior experience, program an embroidery machine, that will automatically embroider your design on a t-shirt, bag, gym bag or even on your shoes. Basically on everything that is made of fabric. Give free rein to your imagination and creativity.

In addition, there is the possibility to sew LEDs on your design and make it glow!

Are you curious and all of this applies to you?

Then grab your smartphone right away and download Embroidery Designer from the Play Store.

The Embroidery Designer is currently only available for Android phones. We are working very hard on an iOS version. 



First steps

To make it easier for you to get to know the world of Code'n'stitch, you can find

as well as

  • pictures of stitched designs or design work.

Make sure to start with the Step-By-Step tutorial. Afterwards, you are already able to program easy designs yourself.

Then look at the tutorials for whole designs. Start with Basic then move to Medium till you reach the series Pro.

Additionally, there is the tutorial series “Bird”. There you learn how to code a major design, the bird, step by step. This series presupposes some skills. Therefore necessarily start from scratch.

Though especially, glowing embroidery designs are absolutely awesome. After you have already programmed some projects and acquired some skills, take a look at the Special Embroidery Designs: Electronics to shine.

After finishing a design always look over the checklist below to check if you did everything correctly.


I can do that to!

Basically, if you click on designs that you like on this page, you are taken to the tutorial sites, which show you how you can code them yourself, directly.

That’s how I like it!

The great thing is, that you can change and adapt the code as you like it, as you assess it being coolest. You can also choose the colours of your design yourself.

I can stitch!

If you have little idea about embroidery itself, you can find information here. Be sure to read it trough to understand what is happening.



What is possible?

Basically you can program any design you can imagine. However, the more complicated it is, the longer it will take. It is best to start with simple designs. After a while, you will notice, what is possible in a certain amount of time.

Practice makes perfect!

Of course, you will also get faster through practice! Do not get discouraged. It is only important that the pattern can be divided into geometrical forms! Otherwise, you will be overworked quickly. 😊

Do you lack ideas?

If you don't have that many ideas about what you could do, stick to the tutorials for finished patterns first and try programming them to see how it works.

Checklist Embroidery Tips

  • For the running and triple stitch, I chose a length between 5 and 20.

  • Everywhere I want a nice, dense line to be stitched I chose 1 as the length of the zigzag stitch.

  • For the zigzag's width, I chose a number between 8 and 22.

  • If I wanted to go to another position without wanting to stitch there, I always stopped the current stitch.

  • I sew up every time, that means before and after I changed position without stitching there. Therefore, read the "sew-up" tutorial. You can find it here.

  • My design is not bigger than the size of my embroidery hoop. You can look upon this page, how to identify the size.

If you want to know why you have to consider all of this, check the page Get To Know The World Of Embroidery.





Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Embroidery Designer"?

Embroidery Designer is a free visual programming app for smartphones. It enables you, without any prior knowledge, to create your own games, animations or stories with easy to use bricks directly on your device. Do you want to know more about it? Visit https://wiki.catrobat.org/bin/view/Education/Embroidery/.

Is it for free?

Embroidery Designer is available for free on the Google Play Store and neither includes any ads nor any in-app purchases or other costs. Have fun with Embroidery Designer!

Who is behind Embroidery Designer?

Embroidery Designer is developed by the non-profit "International Catrobat Association". More than 1000 people have already contributed to this Free Open Source Software project and thus helped to make coding as easy as possible. Get more information about Catrobat on www.catrobat.org.

How can I get in touch with you?

If you have any further questions, or just want to write to us, please use the Social Media or Contact links at the social media section of this page!

How can I support you?

To make this project as popular as possible, please share it with your friends, family, or social media contacts.

If you want to get even more actively involved, e.g., by helping to translate our web pages, apps, or the poster in your language, please get in touch with us directly!

How can I promote this project in my community?

You are very welcome to share this website and reshare our social media postings!


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