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Let's just try out a few things

Selecting text is a bit strange, and SwiftKey wiftKey seems to have troublestroubles writing stuff  Some shots are not inserted  neitherneither doesdoes mommamomma work, it'sit's quite strange  enterenter new line is also notnot working . What is happening herehere?

Ok,  enter worked  but word oder is completely mixed up. now

How about formatting ?

What about if I edit just as normal text, without wysiwyg? Everything seems to work fine now... So, it must be some interaction between SwiftKey and xwiki

Again wysiwyh


Let's see about the Samsung keyboard, everything seems to work fine, no duplicate words etc. What's happening with swiftkey here? 

Back to SwiftKey  it justjust ignored the comma, instead duplicated the word "just   now the closing quote sign and the followingfollowing comescomes i wanted to say comma  and now the dot  This is super strange . What the ...