BIRD In this Tutorial, you will get basic information about the tutorial card series "Bird"!

(99,5 x 99,0 mm)



This tutorial card series named „Bird” is one single project, which you can reprogram step by step. Meanwhile you learn new stitches, that allow you to vary the looks and the width of lines as well as fill areas in your design.

The different parts of this tutorial series will show you the scripts to code the branch, the leaves, the body, the wing, and so on. Everything is split up and well explained. As it may seem the series presupposes some knowledge. If you are not ready yet, it may be better to try some tutorials of the PRO series for starters.

That’s how the stitched bird looks like.

Of course, you are free to play with the code, as you can always check how it originally worked.

Also the colors can be changed.

The tutorial card series consists of many parts.

Its best to stay with this object order because the diffculty-level is increasing.

Tutorial Parts:

Bird Embroidery


Good to know:

  1. If you are up to do more than one tutorial card, make sure to create new variables “for this actor, object, or one of its clones only”, otherwise variables with the same name could lead to problems.

New Variable


  1. If you finished a tutorial, you can broadcast it in the background as you see on the right. 

    However, the stitching order depends on how you sort your objects. It’s best to choose an order, in which objects of the same color are stitched one after the other.

    Make sure to set the list right at the beginning! (If you are using the tatami fill-stitch)



Here you get to the first tutorial.