Pocket Code for iOS: unsupported features

Last modified by vesna on 2020/08/16 14:17

Here we explain which bricks and other features are not yet supported in Pocket Code for iOS, and how users can remix downloaded projects that contain such bricks and other features to make them work nevertheless.


Physics engine

Until the iOS version has a dedicated physics engine, you can use something similar to what was done in https://share.catrob.at/pocketcode/program/1655


Coming soon


Coming soon

Other advanced bricks

We are working on adding them, ordered more or less by how often they have been used in the projects uploaded with the Android version of Pocket Code.

Other features

Scratch to Catrobat converter

This will soon be integrated into https://share.catrob.at/ --- at the moment it is only supported on our Android apps.

Sharing platform + Workarounds

  • Remix graphs: go to https://share.catrob.at/ and search for the project. Open the details page and tap on the remix information button or link. Note that remix information is currently lost when uploading projects from the iOS version of Pocket Code. We are working on fixing this bug.
  • Hiding projects: log in on https://share.catrob.at/ and go to your profile page. Press on the padlock symbol next to a project icon. Only people with direct links will see that project on the web. Tap again to make the project searchable and visible again.
  • Deleting projects: log in on https://share.catrob.at/ and go to your profile page. Press on the small "x" symbol next to a project icon. The project will be permanently deleted. Note that currently there is no confirmation dialog, so please be careful when using this feature.


  • Arduino extension with Firmata and BLE is supported, activate it via the settings.
  • These are the extension of the Android version that are not yet supported:
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Lego Mindstorms NXT
    • Lego Mindstorms EV3
    • Parrot AR.Drone 2.0
    • Parrot Jumping Sumo Drone
    • RobotixEdu Phiro robot
    • NFC support
    • Chromecast
    • Embroidery / Stitching (still under development in Pocket Code for Android as of 2019-1-28)


  • Extended accessibility settings: currently only the built-in iOS accessibility settings are supported.

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