MATH  In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a kite function.

(20 x 20 mm)

Here you can download the description in PDF-format!

Vielecke Example

1. Create a new Embroidery-Object.
    Have a look on how to create an embroidery object here.

2. Rebuild the following script!


Equation of the circle:

(x-m_x)² + (y-m_y)² = r²

m_x is the x-coordinate of the center. 

m_y iis the y-coordinate of the center.

Set the starting point of the circle.

Calculate the x-coordinate:

Reshape the equation of the circle. 


By the second time you use it, you need to put a minus in front of the square root.

Tip: You find the function "square root" and "power" in the formel editor under "Functions". 

3. It doesn't work? Check the script and functions again.