BASIC  In this Tutorial creating a Circle in zigzag will be explained.

(54,7 x 54,8 mm)

Here you can download the description in PDF-format!

Kreis Example

1. Create a new Embroidery-Object.
Have a look on how to create an embroidery object here.

2. Go to your object.



3. Go to the scripts and tap "plus".



4. Now start and insert the bricks step by step into your script.



Tap this number to change it.

Tip Circle

A circle has 360 degrees. To adjust its size you have to change the repetitions of the loop and the turning angle.

Choose a number for the repetitions, e.g. 60 and also adjust the “turn-brick” by dividing 360 by this number.

Try different combinations!
But always stick to dividing 360 through your number to get a circle.

5. Tap play to start your design!

Circle Setp 5