BASIC  In this Tutorial you will learn everything you need to know about Embroidery Bricks!

Stick Example

1. Stitch lets the machine stitch into the fabric once!

Stitch Brick

Example 1 

Usually you combine stitch with a loop and a move-brick.

 With this you create a seam:

Naht Vorschau

This script stitches the fabric and den moves the needle 10 steps.

This will be repeated 10 times.

Example 1 Stitch

2. The running stitch lets the machine stitch constantly with a variable length.

Running Stitch Brick

Example 2 

The running stitch makes stitching a seam easier because you won’t need a loop any more.

Naht Vorschau

This script does the same as the example 1.

Example 2 Running Stitch

The machine start a running stitch which will stitch every 10 steps.

Then the machine moves 200 steps. This results in 20 stitches..

3. The zigzag stitch lets the machine stitch constantly with a variable length and width in a “zigzag” pattern.

Zigzag Brick

Example 3 

You can stitch thicker seams with the zigzag stitch.

Zickzack Naht Vorschau

Try different values for the length and width to get to know this brick.

Example 3 Zigzag

4. The triple stitch works the same as the running stitch, but it sews up the every stitch three times.

Triple Stitch Brick

Example 4 

The triple stitch jumps back after the first stitch, stitches, then jumps back forward again and stitches again.

Naht Vorschau

This makes the seam last longer.

Example 4 Triple Stitch

5. “Stop current stitch” lets the current stitch stop.

Stop Brick

Example 5 

You will need this brick if you want to change the position of the needle after starting a running, zigzag or triple stitch.

Example 5 Stop