BASIC  In this Tutorial creating a Square will be explained.

(60 x 60 mm)

Here you can download the description in PDF-format!

Viereck Example

1. Create a new Embroidery-Object.
Have a look at how to create an embroidery object here.

2. Go to your object.

Square Step 2

3. Go to the scripts and tap "plus"

Square Schritt 3

Square Step 2a

4. Now start and insert the bricks step by step into your script.

Square Step 3

5. Tap play to start your design!

Square Step 5


A square is built from four lines, meeting each other at a 90° angle.

At first, the script runs the running stitch.
After that, it moves the needle 300 steps and turns 90°.
This will be repeated 4 times.

What’s going to happen if you adjust the angle or the steps?

Try it!