BIRD In this Tutorial, you will learn how to code the bird's beak!

Bird Beak

1. Create a new Embroidery-Object.
Have a look on how to create an embroidery object here.

Do not forget to code the pattern and the line of the "Tatami Fill-Stitch" tutorial. You can find it here. 

Good to know:

If you are up to do more than one tutorial card, make sure to create new variables “for this actor, object, or one of its clones only”, otherwise variables with the same name could lead to problems.

create variable

If you use the Tatami Fill-Stitch several times in your project, you have to program the line and the pattern in !every! object you use it in. A tip would be to use the backpack function.

Make sure that you always choose a new name for the broadcast, otherwise there will be problems.


2. Now start and insert the bricks step by step into your script.

Bird Beak Code 1


There are some minus signs in this tutorial. Maybe you missed some?

3. Check the bricks, if it still doesn’t work.

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