The sensors of your smartphone are like the eyes, ears or skin of your body. Learn how to utilizie them for your programs!

Face Recognition

Use the camera of your phone to create funny masks and costumes. This activity uses the face recognition of your device to let you look like a clown!


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Speech Recognition

Create your own personal voice assistent. Using your microphone and speech recognition you will be able to tell your phone what to do!


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Inclination Sensor

Use your phone’s inclination sensors as a steering wheel to control your car, rabbit or something else. Let the wild chase begin!


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Attention! Someone is coming! Perhaps its a t-rex or your little sister. Use your phone as a vibration alarm.


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Loudness Sensor

Use your microphone differently. It could be the drive for a windmill or for an air balloon.


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Touch Recognition

Create a cool game for two Players. The game will let you test how quick your fingers are!


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