This page provides general resources all around Catrobat's apps. They enable you to develop games and animations directly with your phone. You just have to stick bricks together!

Step By Step: Jungle Juggling

You are new to coding and want to get started? Have a look a this step by step tutorial and code your first game:


Walk your first steps with us >>

Brick Documentation

Program with the ease of playing lego? The coding blocks do just that. With the help of them it's very easy to build your own programs.


Here you will get all the information about every block >>

Feature Tutorials

You want to program cool features, but don't know how?


This page shows you some cool stuff >>

Formula Editor

There is no programing without formulas. They help you to express yourself in a way the computer understands.


Have a look to see how the formula editor works >>


Ever wondered how you can clone an object or program a quiz? How-To's will show you how things are done.


Have a look and click here >>


Do you want to see some finished projects? Here you can find some projects in the categories "Games", "Animation", "Interactive Art and Stories" and "Music and Dance". Download these starter projects, have a look at the code and change it as you like.


Have a look and click here >>

Beginners Course

Advance through 3 Units in our Pocket Code Beginners Course.


Check out this beginners course to immerse into the world of programing >>

Chat & Forums

You need help and want to chat with us?

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Catrobat Chat & Forums >>


You are a teacher or interested in educational projects about Catrobat? You wanna find out about educational resources?


Then come on here to our Education site >>

Web Requests

Having trouble with the "Get web request" and "Get image from" bricks?

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Here you will find some answers >>

Download App

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Game Design

You want to improve your game and want to learn more about game mechanics?

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Here you will find some Game Design Tutorials >>